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Kickapoo High Quarterly


Kickapoo High Quarterly


A Briefing of Amy Coney Barret

A run down on the newest associate Supreme Court Justice.

On October 26th Amy Coney Barrett was officially confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. The senate voted 52 to 48 to confirm the nomination of Barrett, she is entirely favored by the republican party.
Before Barrett was appointed to the Supreme Court, she served as a federal judge for 2 years before she was pushed into her Supreme Court seat.
She was especially endorsed by Donald Trump, for a matter of fact, there was much controversy following her confirmation for how quickly Trump got Barrett inducted into the wings.
It only took 48 days to get Barrett seated within the Supreme Court, this has never occured in history. The median number of days it takes to get a supreme court justice seated is 68 days. This act also seemed abrupt and insensitive due to the fact that justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a women’s activist that filled the ninth seat on the supreme court that had passed and was so quickly replaced with Barrett, a woman with intensely different views. Barrett was confirmed not even a month after Justice Ginsburg’s death. So of course drama ensued soon after.
Barrett is an extreme conservative and self-proclaimed originalist. Therefore she believes things should be run strictly by how the constitution intended. Unfortunately this ideology could turn into a nightmare for the future of politics considering the fact that the United States have come a long way since the founding of the constitution.
Her political views are all very right wing minded. Shes expressed her outlook on womens reproductive rights, same-sex marriage, immagration and affordable healthcare, her opinions are very non-progressive. According to NPR. org Barrett does plan to vote on overturning Roe vs. Wade, a ruling by the Supreme Court that made abortion legal in many circumstances.
Barret has also harshly criticized the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The ACA is also known as Obamacare, it provides lower income families and individuals with affordable medical care.
Barrett plans to continue her position as an associate Supreme Court Justice with conservative ideas.

Once in A Blue Moon

This Halloween, we will have the pleasure of viewing A blue moon. All thought seeing a blue moon in 2020 may sound like bad Omen, I can guarantee you it’s gonna be a good luck charm for the night, depending on your zodiac sign. Stay tuned to find out how your astrological chart will be affected by the blue moon this October 1st!
Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd):
The Cancer sign is ruled by the moon, so for you this is great news. This will allow you to channel out your more sociable side. This is also a time to remind your family and friends of how much you appreciate them.
Aries (March 21st-April 19th):
Aries are naturally social butterflies, they say what they say and mean it, but sometimes your bluntness can overwhelm others. This Blue moon, remind yourself to relax and settle into the Halloween spirit. By calming down you’ll let others see the more caring side of yourself.
Taurus (April 20th-May 20th):
The Blue Moon in halloween will be fully placed in Taurus this year. Use this to your advantage. This month will most likely be a power trip for you so if there’s anything you’re looking to find in your life, now is the time to manifest and go after it. It’s all about you this Halloween.
Gemini (May 21st- June 20th):
During this Blue Moon you may not feel sociable as you usually do to your ruling planet Mercury being in retrograde. This will affect your busy mind though, this month tell people how you really feel and drop the antics. Being completely honest with others will be very beneficial to you this month.
Leo (July 23rd- August 22nd):
For the Leo, this Blue Moon is a good time for you to level up career wise. Go after what you want in the workplace and give other room to realize what you bring to the table.
Virgo (August 23rd- September 22nd):
An intense earth sign like Virgo will be more relaxed this halloween. Your senses will be sharpened so this Halloween will be a good night for you to watch a scary movie or enjoy a board game with friends.
Libra (September 23rd- October 22nd):
As a libra, your most comfortable with small talk but with the upcoming Blue Moon, you will be able to tap into your sensitive side. Try to dive into deep conversation with the people you’re close with, they have been looking for clarity in you.
Scorpio (October 23rd- November 21st):
Scorpios! This lunatation will allow you to bring more realness into your love life. If you’re going through a rough patch in your relationship, take this opportunity to level with your partner and work things out, your patience will be high this Halloween.
Sagittarius (November 22nd-December 21st):
This Full Moon will be about self care for you, It’s time to finally rest from the work you overload yourself with. Plan a nice night inside this Halloween and get to know yourself more.
Capricorn (December 22nd- January 19th):
For a capricorn this Halloween will be a time to have fun, it’s normally strictly work oriented for an earth sign like you but it’s time to relax and focus on yourself this month. The moon will bring out your festive spirit.
Aquarius (January 20th- February 18th):
Aquarius, this is a good time to connect with your family and friends. Being an earth sign, you are quick on your feet and you typically have your guard up. Allow this lunatation to give you a touch of open mindedness.
Pisces (February 19th-March 20th):
This Blue Moon will light up your social life Pisces. If you have been pursuing anyone lately, now is the time to make your move. This month is a time to embrace your more soft and talkative side.
Enjoy the beautiful moon this October 31st! Regardless of your zodiac sign, remind yourself to keep positive energy, especially in our current state. Remember to stay safe, social distance yourself and wear a mask!

How To Survive the ACT

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to prep and execute the ACT!

Senior year. For many of us, use to mean fun activities such as homecoming, senior breakfast, spirit days, football games, hanging out with friends and going to prom and finally graduating from four years of hard work and dedication.
On the other hand, senior year will also come with hard classes, college applications and the dreaded ACT. Unfortunately as students we are all required to take this ungodly test but here are a few tips on how to survive your first ACT test!
Unfortunately, the pandemic has scrambled many things but giving yourself strict windows to study for the ACT is the first step to ACT prep and success.
For students, time management is one of the hardest steps to execute. Here is how I try to view it, if you have time in your day to sit down for a solid 40 mins and watch an episode of you favorite TV shows, then you have time to study. Convert your TV time to study time. Even if you only have 5 to 10 minutes, it helps. Studying for any amount of time for days in a row will significantly help you retain knowledge.
When it comes to actually testing for the ACT, remember to breath pace yourself and be efficient. Within the reading portion the english portion of the test, students start to sweat because it can be quite overwhelming. Always choose the most efficient answer. Keep it short and sweet. Your best choice is probably the shortest one.
The biggest thing you have to keep in mind is that you’re capable of doing this, and you will crush it, in the good way! The ACT is a mental jog and in order to keep up you have to take care of yourself.
Make sure to destress yourself a couple of days before the test, the day before study for a moderate amount rather than cramming. Get at least 7 hours of sleep and have a protein rich breakfast, this will allow you to sustain your energy throughout the testing period.
Lastly, you have to understand that the ACT does not define you, it’s just an exam that tests how well you work under pressure. The ACT is not an indicator of your intelligence. You are brilliant, high ACT score or not! Good luck to you all taking the test this Tuesday, stay positive.

The King of Kings

Senior Austin Blecha, is our first openly gay courtwarming king, and he’s changing the game.

   “I was astonished when I found out I was nominated, I know how conservative and constricted Kickapoo is so I was even more surprised when I won,” Blecha said.

   When it comes to courtwarming, homecoming and prom, there’s a consistent pattern amongst the kings and queens of every dance. They are normally blond,  straight but possibly gay, white people. 

  “ I mean I can’t believe they voted for the gay guy, but let’s go us,” Blecha said.

   Blecha has officially changed courtwarming history. Potential winners that are different from the usual candidates can feel encouraged to become a nominee.

   “I have the greatest friend in the world, they nominated me and took me all the way to a king,” Blecha said.