How To Survive the ACT

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to prep and execute the ACT!

Senior year. For many of us, use to mean fun activities such as homecoming, senior breakfast, spirit days, football games, hanging out with friends and going to prom and finally graduating from four years of hard work and dedication.
On the other hand, senior year will also come with hard classes, college applications and the dreaded ACT. Unfortunately as students we are all required to take this ungodly test but here are a few tips on how to survive your first ACT test!
Unfortunately, the pandemic has scrambled many things but giving yourself strict windows to study for the ACT is the first step to ACT prep and success.
For students, time management is one of the hardest steps to execute. Here is how I try to view it, if you have time in your day to sit down for a solid 40 mins and watch an episode of you favorite TV shows, then you have time to study. Convert your TV time to study time. Even if you only have 5 to 10 minutes, it helps. Studying for any amount of time for days in a row will significantly help you retain knowledge.
When it comes to actually testing for the ACT, remember to breath pace yourself and be efficient. Within the reading portion the english portion of the test, students start to sweat because it can be quite overwhelming. Always choose the most efficient answer. Keep it short and sweet. Your best choice is probably the shortest one.
The biggest thing you have to keep in mind is that you’re capable of doing this, and you will crush it, in the good way! The ACT is a mental jog and in order to keep up you have to take care of yourself.
Make sure to destress yourself a couple of days before the test, the day before study for a moderate amount rather than cramming. Get at least 7 hours of sleep and have a protein rich breakfast, this will allow you to sustain your energy throughout the testing period.
Lastly, you have to understand that the ACT does not define you, it’s just an exam that tests how well you work under pressure. The ACT is not an indicator of your intelligence. You are brilliant, high ACT score or not! Good luck to you all taking the test this Tuesday, stay positive.