Kickapoo Journalism Wins Big in DC

Victoria Kaufman December 12, 2019

Journalism has done it again. While they do not like to toot their own horn as much as they would like, they have done very well at their last competition in Washington D.C. There were thousands of other...

FBLA Hopes to Win Again

FBLA Hopes to Win Again

Victoria Kaufman December 6, 2019

FBLA has been competing and winning national awards for several years. The team recently came back after a long and vigorous competition in Denver, Colorado. These competitions include over 70 different...

Youre a Wizard, Harry!

“You’re a Wizard, Harry!”

Victoria Kaufman October 4, 2019

Harry Potter Club is a new and upcoming club that began this past school year. The club meets every Wednesday after school for roughly 30 minutes. There are ten permanent members, and three club leaders....

Picture courtesy of MCT Direct

Let’s Make Some Popcorn! (Correctly)

Victoria Kaufman March 5, 2019

One might say that making popcorn is an easy task, but if you’re a student at Kickapoo High School, you would realize that that is not the case. Students believe that if they press the popcorn button...