Mission to Adoption

 The summer of 2015 opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the Barron family.

   Senior Madi Barron’s family has been very involved in Ridgecrest Baptist Church for years. Back in 2015, her dad, Wayne, was offered a last minute opportunity to take a mission trip to Ukraine, a large country in Europe.

   “He went and worked with a few different orphanages, but two kids specifically had stuck out to him,” Barron said.

   One of the kids was a 15 year old girl named Anna.

   “Anna was about to be out of the system and left to fend for herself on the streets,” Barron said.

  Anna had told the missionaries that whenever she was asked what she prayed for, she had always said she only wanted for a family to adopt her.

   “This stuck in my dad’s head as he traveled back to the states, he contemplated what this would mean for our family,” Barron said.

   After only a few family discussions, the Barron’s decided to adopt Anna. Anna officially became a part of the Barron family on December 7th, 2018.

    With the family being so close to the 2 year ‘Gotcha Day’ of their new addition, they are also in pursuit of another  kid from the Ukrainain orphanages, a six year old boy named Dima.


Senior Madi Barron with sister Anna. Photo courtesy of April Barron.