Final Stress


Maya Hernandez , Reporter

   School almost out, meaning that finals are right around the corner. Finals week can be stressful and overwhelming. Disorganization is the main source of stress. Misplacing notes, assignments, and misusing time, are all contributors to the stress factor during this time of the year. Students need to learn to handle this type of stress but the needed information is often unknown to them. Here are four ways to deal with school-related stress. 

  1. Writing stuff down is a simple way to stay organized and prevent forgetting important stuff. Sticky notes and whiteboards are good.  
  2. Taking breaks in between study sessions is important. Setting specified time periods to study, and others for breaks gives a sense of control and may lower stress levels. Squeezing in some time for fresh air will restore energy and uplift your mood. 
  3. Eat healthily. This may seem unrelated but non-sugary foods are filled with nutrients that boost concentration. 
  4. Getting a good night’s sleep is vital during finals week. This can be hard to do because of all the studying and stress fogging your mind but, once well-rested, work will be much easier.