What is Scientology?

   Many have heard the name, few know the true meaning of the religion that is Scientology. 

   Created by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is a religion based on bringing a man to his true spiritual self. The goal of the religion is to achieve spiritual enlightenment and freedom for all. It encourages each human being to achieve their full potential.

   Scientology faces a large amount of controversy. It has been referred to as a cult, a business, and a trap. The religion has many ties to Hollywood celebrities, giving them a great amount of publicity.

    The Church is recognized in 8 countries as a true religion, therefore receiving tax-exempt status. Scientology’s legitimacy is often challenged and is often faced with abuse allegations. The Church responds by stating that the information being told is distorted and untrue. 

   Scientologists believe that people are immortal alien beings (also called thetans). They believe these thetans have lived multiple lifetimes and are trapped in a human body, forgetting their own nature. Scientologists undergo a series of courses that they believe can help them reach their true potential. These classes focus on freeing the human from past trauma/depression. 

   Scientology can be seen as a foggy subject and a mystery in the eyes of a majority of the population. Debates still continue today on what really goes on inside the Church of Scientology.


Inquiring student researching Scientology. (Photo by Avery Scott)