Computer Stickers of Kickapoo

Taking a look at the back of Kickapoo student’s computers.


The back of a student’s computer.

Joplin’s “Si Se Puede” sticker.

“It helps me get through the day because I know that I can do it, and so can you!” Joplin said.

Crain’s “Vine guy” sticker.

“Pryce Brown literally just stuck this on my computer. I know it’s a Vine meme but I have no clue why it’s on my computer,” Crain said.

Eiffert’s “J. Cole” sticker.

“J. Cole is my favorite artist and I just like to show that off,” Eiffert said. 


Weiner’s “butterfly” sticker.

“My girlfriend, Izzy, put that there. That’s really the only reason why I keep it there,” Weiner said.


Bowers’s “Happy girl summer” sticker.

“This sticker is my take on hot girl summer. Instead of focusing on fitting into the beauty standard, you should love your body and enjoy your summer,” Bowers said.