Students Worst Work Experiences


Gabe Cupp, Junior

Cupp works in the game room at Incredible Pizza. The game room consists of the arcade, trampoline park, and all the other attractions.

“Some little girl, maybe 11 or 12, was jumping in the trampoline park. She landed wrong and broke her arm, I watched it happen. It was pretty disturbing” 


Nick Sorrell, Junior 

Sorrell worked for SPARC (schools, parks are reaching communities) 

“I was watching over this group of kids, when one just hit another kid, they were about five. The mom of the kid who hit the other came over and started to yell at me. She got angry and said she was going to shut down SPARC, she was also angry we sat her kid out for hitting the other kid. I didn’t get in trouble or anything, and my boss was laughing at them with me.”


Joe Farley Junior 17

Farley worked for Pro Elite Athletes, and was a baseball coach 

“My worst experience would be having to ask my boss for my paycheck. He just wouldn’t give it to me. I would have to ask over and over. One time I had to ask him around five times, and when I did that he threatened to fire me, so I quit that same day.”