Spooky Sites of the 417

Haunted houses may give you a temporary spook, but places with actual haunted history will give you a real fright. These places are some of the most haunted sites in Springfield, MO.


Located on E Pythian Street, the breathtaking Pythian Castle holds chilling history.

   The Pythian Castle holds incredibly rich history within its walls. It was built and opened in 1913 by the Knights of Pythias with the purpose of being an orphanage and retirement home. During WWII the US overtook the castle and used it as a recovery center. The US also used the castle for dancing and hosting large bands! According to the owner of Pythian Castle, Tamara Finocchiaro, it is very much a haunted place. She claims to have heard voices inside of the castle while no one else was around. They host ghost tours, interactive murder mystery dinners, history tours, and much more! So, when looking for a place to learn about some spooky WWII history, Pythian Castle is a great place to stop by. 

Landers Theatre, the home of amazing performances, but also wandering souls.

   Many people go to Landers Theatre to watch theatrical performances and admire the beauty of the auditorium. This spooky site initially opened in 1909, and was created by John Landers and his son Douglas J. Sanders. On December 17, 1920, a fire broke out in the theater. Landers Theater is beautiful and a great place to go for some fun entertainment, however, it is a common belief that it is haunted by the restless soul of a janitor who passed away during the major fire. Many claim that the janitor keeps the stage occupied during the night.

The third bridge in Phelps Grove Park, where the “Bride under the Bridge” is often spotted.

   Located on E Bennett Street, Phelps Grove Park sits on 44 acres of gorgeous land, with amazing pieces of art, ponds, huge trees, and trails. However, anyone who lives around the area knows about the haunted bridge within the park. The park is home to a wandering spirit commonly referred to as the “Bride under the Bridge”. According to a local urban legend, the recently married bride and groom passed away when they lost control of the car that they were in. She is often spotted under a bridge in the park during the evening, holding up the hem of her dress. However, no one has seen her face.

The rustic Walnut Street Inn is beautiful and historic, but haunted.

   Although the Walnut Street Inn is a gorgeous 1894 Queen Anne Victorian style structure, there is a more sinister side behind it. Ever since the Walnut Street Inn was turned into a bed in breakfast in 1987, guests have reported numerous accounts of paranormal activity. For instance, guests have reported seeing a figure of a woman sitting at a table in the B&B, figures sitting on the end of guests’ beds, and having the covers pulled off of them during the night. Many claim to see the spirit of the wife of the first owner of the property, Catherine McGann.

The Freudenberger House sits on the MSU campus, directly across from the student center.

   Located on the campus of Missouri State University, the Freudenberger House is notorious for housing not only students, but also what is widely known as the “dorm mom”. Being a five story building, the “dorm mom” is said to wander around the fifth floor. She is said to lock and slam doors, touch students, and sing throughout the halls.