NYE On A Budget

New Years Resolution: stop being broke.


Party poppers are messy but fun!

   Let’s face it, hosting a New Year’s Eve party is costly. However, with a good eye and a budget, you can host that get-together with no problem!

  Continue reading for a list of supplies that won’t break the bank.

  1. Disco Lamp

   At Walmart, a decent Disco Lamp starts at $10 and can range widely. These provide a colorful ambiance and keep the party moving.

   2. Sparkly Wall Curtain

   You can find these on Amazon or Target’s website for under $10. These will spice up the background of everyone’s social media posts.

   3. Party Poppers

   You can order a 30-pack of these from Amazon for just $13. Party poppers are fun and easy to use!

   4. New Years Banner

   These are super cute, cheap, and can last years! You can snag one of these from Amazon for $8-$20.

   5. Balloon Pack

      A balloon pack is a perfect way to fill negative space in a room. They are eye-catching and come in a wide variety of colors and designs. You can find these on Amazon for $8 to $18.