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Crafting Masterpieces

Turning wood into wonders, woodworking is a beautiful art with a satisfying outcome.
Photo by Micheal Belcolore
One of Belcolores favorite projects.

   Woodworking is a creative way to show off someone’s craftsmanship. It is a beautiful art but can be tricky and sometimes dangerous. However, that risk did not stop junior Michael Belcolore at age 11 when he started this unique hobby.

   Belcolore was taught by a family friend before high school, and then joined the woodworking club we have here at school. 

   “Joe taught me almost everything I know about woodworking, construction, and everything in between,” Belcolore said. 

   He works on his projects on Mondays and Wednesdays after school in room 134 with the woodworking teacher, Mr. Ray.

   “I just think it’s fun and cool, plus, it’s a good skill to have. I use it every day whether it’s at home or at school,” Belcolore said. 

   However, woodworking is a very unsafe art. They use a lot of power tools and sharp objects. Wood chips flying in the air could damage your eyes without the right protection. 

   “I used a table saw, a jointer, a planer, a router, and a orbital sander,” Belcolore said. 

   Anything can happen while you are working with wood so it’s best to stay as safe as possible. 

   “Be very observant and watch your hands and to just deal with  tools the proper way they should be used,” Belcolore said.

   Belcolore finds woodworking very interesting. He usually makes the same thing over again until it’s the best he can get it. His projects depend on the time and material.  

   “I just think it’s fun, really. When I first started I thought it was interesting figuring out how some things are made and that it’s actually possible to build certain things I would have never tried or even imagined making,” Belcolore said.

   Wood making is very time consuming and dangersome, but also gorgeous. Not only is it an art, it can be very useful. There are furniture and appliances made from wood that are all around peoples homes.

   Each room in the house could have a self made wood sculpture and can be unnoticeable but just as important as the artwork on your wall.

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