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Behind the Sketches

Learn about the hidden artistic talents within our school.
Photo by Ellie Lunnen
This drawing of Amanda from the Saw franchise was drawn by artist Ellie Lunnen.

The halls of our school are full of students with different interests and talents. The artists of our school are often overlooked. One talented artist currently selling her work for commissions is sophomore Livi Braun.
“I started selling commissions because I wanted to make money, but didn’t know who to work for or at, so I decided to see if I could use my talent to make some extra cash,” Braun said.
She’s made a good business out of doing this. She’s been selling commissions for about two months.
“I’ve gotten about five commissions, adding up to about $220,” Braun said.

Commission drawing made by Livi Braun, portraying a football player. (Photo by Livi Braun)

Braun isn’t the only artist hoping to profit off of her skills, sophomore Jackson Banning wishes to make a career out of his artistic talents as well.
“I plan to be a graphic designer like my brother is. I wanna get a degree in graphic design and illustration like him because we both love doing art,” Banning said.

Art can have personal meanings for some people and help create connections.
“I started really doing art after my mom passed away. I started seeing my cousin Lauren more and she is a really good artist, and she ended up getting me into drawing more,” Banning said.

An illustration of a Five Nights at Freddy’s character drawn by Jackson Banning. (Photo by Jackson Banning)

Another artist, sophomore Ellie Lunnen, is a real jack of all trades in the art world, as she’s adept in many different artistic fields.
“For the most part, I draw and do ceramics. I like using random stuff, like watercolors, gouache, and charcoal, but those are things I use every now and then,” Lunnen said.
After making so many great pieces, it can be difficult to choose between them.
“It’s so hard to pick a favorite considering just how much time I spend making art, but I’d have to say either my face jug from Ceramics I or a portrait I drew with colored pencils of Amanda from the Saw franchise,” Lunnen said.

One of Ellie Lunnen’s favorite ceramic pieces she created. (Photo by Ellie Lunnen)

Craftiness is another hidden talent of the artists here. Sophomore Lexi Milam has been executing skillful work for two years now.
“I started pursuing art when I was younger by drawing and in eighth grade, I started making jewelry and getting into sewing,” Milam said.
These students are talented and deserve more recognition for their creativity and hard work. You can support them by buying their pieces or letting them know that you like their art and appreciate their talents as artists.


Livi Braun: (417) 983-1853

Jackson Banning: instagram @jackson._.banning_art

Ellie Lunnen: Instagram @elliekehau

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