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Full Ride Ahead: The $180,000 Journey to Excellence

Young Achiever Bryan Florez Lands $180,000 Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) scholarship.
Photo by Nyah Warren
Fueling future dreams one application at a time.

With the end of the year approaching faster than ever, many upperclassmen are starting to plan their lives after highschool. This could be going straight into the workforce, or beginning their secondary education. For senior Bryan Florez, things look a little different. 

   “I plan to attend Arizona State University and study business. Once I graduate I’ll be serving in the Marine Corps for 8 years,” Florez said. 

   Florez’s dreams don’t exactly align with the typical plans of our generation, yet he’s making a very impactful choice not only to him, but our country as a whole. Fortunately Florez has received a scholarship to help his dreams come true. This scholarship offers the opportunity to become an officer in either the Navy or the Marines by attending a college where you’d receive training.

Dreaming big and working hard go hand in hand in the journey to making dreams reality through scholarships. (Photo by Nyah Warren)

   “The Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) scholarship was given to me by Captain Layton and Sargent Moore, both of whom helped me through the process. This scholarship is worth 180,000 dollars,” Florez said. 

   When Florez received the news, he was overwhelmed with emotions. Feeling happy and relieved by the fact he actually accomplished his goal. The Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test was a very important part of the process. 

   “I got it because of my performance in the physical portion of the scholarship and high score in the ASVAB test. To get it I had to reach out to my Marine recruiter in town, take the asvab test, do a physical test and have an interview with Captain Layton,” Florez said. 

   The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a test that measures developed abilities and helps predict future success in the military. Florez’s scores, along with his performance landed him his NROTC scholarship. 

   “I’m planning on serving eight to ten years. Once I serve my time, I will hop back into my civil life and join the workforce. Besides that, I want to have a family of my own one day and that is my biggest goal for life,” Florez said. 

   Florez has his future goals set in stone. Receiving this scholarship has really shined a light on his plans. 

   “It’s had a great impact, receiving this scholarship has opened the doors to so many opportunities that I’m so grateful for, and that otherwise I wouldn’t have. Now I have a clear vision of what I’ll be doing in the years to come,” Florez said. 

   Florez is beyond grateful for the opportunity he has received, and he gives advice to others trying to accomplish similar goals. 

   “To get started you have to reach out to the Marines recruiting office and let them know your situation. The biggest advice I can give anyone is to study and workout hard. The asvab test is no joke and the physical test really pushes, and to maximize your chances of getting the scholarship. You really want to score high in these areas. Other than that just be confident and trust the process,” Florez said. 

   Pushing yourself while  working hard to meet the requirements of your goals make a huge difference when it comes to the outcome. For Florez confidence and hard work was a key factor in completing his goals, even if they once felt unreachable.

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