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Breakfast Madness

Getting breakfast before school starts helps fuel your brain for the day and can also be a time to hang out with friends. However, not everyone likes getting up early, so here is a list of breakfast places close to school that you can grab quickly.
Early in the morning, nothing is better than enjoying a nice breakfast before school.

The Big Biscuit

   Located in Kickapoo Corners, The Big Biscuit is a great option for breakfast. They open at 6:30 every morning which allows ample time to enjoy a nice meal before the school bell rings. This is also a budget friendly option unlike some other breakfast places in Springfield. 

Tropical Smoothie

   Right off of Campbell and Primrose is Tropical Smoothie. People often times run and grab a smoothie before school, but Tropical Smoothie also has breakfast items. Ranging from savory wraps to sweet flatbreads, there is something for everyone on the menu.

   During the week they open at 7,  so next time you are looking for a quick breakfast before school, grab a smoothie and a snack from Tropical Smoothie. 


Krispy Kreme/Dunkin

   An obvious breakfast spot is Krispy Kreme right off of Campbell. However, I know Krispy Kreme isn’t everyone’s favorite, so I also included Dunkin. No matter which donut or coffee you prefer, both of these are options to consider when choosing a breakfast place. 

   These two places even have drive-thrus, so you never have to leave your car. That makes it perfect for when it’s cold and rainy. Krispy Kreme opens at 6 every morning (5:30 on Fridays) and Dunkin opens at 5 each day.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

   Einstein Bros. Bagels on Campbell next to Andy’s is another breakfast option. They open at 6 every morning and have a drive thru which makes it convenient for students in a rush before school. Einstein’s has a selection of sandwiches, bagels, and coffees. 

Healthy Edge

   Next is Healthy Edge which is also located in the Kickapoo Corners. This is one of the healthier options close to school. I find myself forgetting about this, but it is one of the best breakfast options that is close on school days. 

   They have many protein filled options as well as shakes, refreshers, and teas. Opening at 7 every morning makes Healthy Edge the perfect breakfast spot to keep in your back pocket. 

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