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Galloway Station Open Mic

A fun and interesting way to spend a Tuesday night with friends.
Photo by Jackson Hill
Local man singing his heart out during open mic night. Showing that anyone can do it.

   Everyone is good at something, whether it be, sports, an instrument, or even singing. Whatever it may be, it could be beneficial to have an outlet for expressing those talents.

The Galloway Station bar and grill offers an open mic night every Tuesday, which allows those who want to show off their ability to sing and even play an instrument to shine.

With a small and interesting atmosphere, this could be the perfect place to practice performing in front of people. Especially since no one there really seems to care much if you sound bad.  Everyone that’s in the bar is just happy to be there. 


   There were a few performers that night and all seemed to enjoy themselves.

 A mix of hip-hop, country and classic rock was performed. In all, it was a good mix for most people who were there.

   At the beginning of every Tuesday night, there is a big whiteboard at the front where everyone who wants to perform can sign up for their desired time slot. There’s no pressure to perform. If you don’t want to perform, you are more than welcome to sit back and enjoy the performances.

   If you do decide to go up on stage and show people what you can do, you don’t have to go up by yourself. You are welcome to go up with a friend or even a group. A few groups went up on stage and enjoyed themselves, not caring if they made a fool of themselves.

   While you are enjoying the performances, you are more than welcome to chow down on some delicious food and drinks provided at the Galloway Station.

   Food and music almost always go well together and Galloway Station delivers on that front. The food isn’t too expensive and it’s decently good with meals ranging from burgers all the way to gyros. There’s a lot to choose from.

   The seating area is standard with a few different options to sit and enjoy food. There is a bar area, hightop circle tables, and the usual restaurant tables all big enough for everyone in your party to sit at.

   Galloway Station isn’t the only place with an open mic night; there are a bunch of other places you can go. For example, Blue Room Comedy Club offers one, it’s a little different because it’s not singing but you can go up and show off some comedy.  

     The night starts at 7pm all you have to do is sign up 30 minutes to an hour before the show starts and make sure you’ve got enough material to fill your set. 

   Open mic nights are a great way to get more comfortable with yourself and performing. The best way to get better is by practicing.

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