Return Of The Free ACT

Zach Arnold, reporter

Juniors in Springfield Public Schools will continue to be offered the free ACT


Juniors in Springfield Public Schools have always had the option of taking a free ACT  through the school in the spring up until this past spring. in the past have always been offered a free ACT in in the spring up until 2016. The state decided to take away the fund the schools needed for the ACT.

  With having students in the school that don’t have a way to pay for this test and other students that just won’t take it because they don’t want to pay for it the Springfield Public Schools has stepped in to provide every junior student with the option to take the act sometime in April between the 3rd and the 5th.

  The test will be taken on the chrome books this year just like students took them last year. Having the test on the chrome books means that there will be no writing. Ways to study and fully prepare yourself consist of Getting books to study, taking the ACT prep class Kickapoo offers, buying tutorials, going to the library center in Kickapoo, and getting a personal tutor. You can sign yourself up for the ACT online for free if you are a junior. After the first free test any additional tests you want to take will cost forty six for no writing and sixty two with writing. “The option of taking the free test is completely up to you, we hope most students will make the right decision and use this free ACT to their benefit” Mr. Coffey said.