Getting Vaccinated


Vaccinations are an important part of staying healthy and happy in both school and real life.

The end of the school year marks the beginning of the next. It also marks a new requirement for all new seniors for the 2019-20 school year.
“All incoming seniors must have received one dose of the Meningococcal vaccine after their 16th birthday in order to start school in the fall,” the Kickapoo high school website stated.
Meningococcal is better known as meningitis. Incoming seniors can get their meningitis shot at walk in clinics such as HyVee and Walgreens or their family doctor.
Students need to bring documentation of their vaccination to the school nurse as soon as possible.
Meningitis is a serious disease. All incoming seniors need to get their shot at the earliest convenience.
Come next year every senior must have their shot to attend classes and graduate.