Adopt a Family

   Every year Key Club joins hands with classes to “Adopt a Family” for the Holidays. This is an opportunity for classes to donates money and buy christmas gifts for less fortunate families. The families are chosen by Cross Lines and sent to the Key Clubs Sponsor, Mrs. Stephens.

   “For the families we provide christmas gifts to each member of the family and then food that the family requests,” Stephens said.

   As the years go by, the number of classes signing up to help go down. The “Adopt a Family” can sometimes be the only way these families get the traditional christmas. 

   “Not many classes are signed up. We have a total of 13 families and only 6 classes have signed up. Our total of classes goes down each year,” Stephens said.

   This Christmas it’s time for a change of pattern. The number of classes need to go up rather than down. These families rely on students and staff donations for christmas presents. Please spread the word, suggest to your clubs and classes to “Adopt a Family”.