Democracy in Action


Democracy in Action is looking for new members! The club focuses on political literacy and helping students understand and debate today’s current news.
“It felt good to learn more about what’s going on around me, when usually that gets muted out,” junior Katie Lynch said.
The club is for students of all political opinions.
“In my experience, we usually do have both sides of the spectrum. We have the left. We have the right. We have the very far left, very far right,” Lynch said.
Democracy in Action gives students a safe place to discuss various political ideas.
“It’s good because sometimes we will get into debates, but it’s always from a respectful standpoint. No one is ever saying my idea is better than yours, it’s always like we all have opinions and it’s good to come together and share that without it being a one party politics,” Lynch said.
Democracy in Action president senior Mike Owsley aimed for more involvement in the club and is hoping to further increase political involvement for all students.