Fall Choir Concert


Photo by Patty Rantz Kaegel

Mr. Cornelius leading the Concert Choir in a song.

Julia Klein, Reporter

The Kickapoo High School choir had a concert on October 11th at 7:00 pm in the Kickapoo Performing Arts Center. The included choirs were Chorus II, Concert Choir, Nakamoa (Male Choir), Bel Canto (Female Choir), and the Chamber Choir.


The choir has still had in-person concerts throughout COVID-19, but this one brought back a sense of normalcy. In the past few years the choir was required to stay spread out on the stage and there was a limit placed on how many people could be in the audience. This year, they were able to put more vocalists on stage and anyone who wanted to listen could join the crowd. 

Mr. Cornelius leading the Chamber Choir in a song. (Photo by Patty Rantz Kaegel)

Even though some policies have been lifted, the choir still has to wear masks while singing. 


“Wearing masks makes it really difficult to take a full breath and it makes it harder to hear our consonants. It made our diction worse,” senior Courtney Mccullough said.


Courtney is a member of the Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, and the Bel Canto choir. Courtney has been in choir for all of her four years in high school and is passionate about singing. Comparing this fall concert to previous performances, she thought it went well.


“It was definitely weird having a full audience again and singing with the full choir. We sang many songs. My favorite was Fiddler of Dooney, which the Chamber Choir sang. It was so fun and upbeat. We all had lots of energy,” she said. 

If you want to view this concert, click here.

The choir’s next event is the Winter Holiday Concert on December 13th and the choir would love to see everyone there.