Choir Year Recap


The choir at districts.

The Kickapoo Choirs have had a busy year. From concerts and competitions to caroling at schools, they’ve done a lot.    

   Chorus I had their first concert on October 4th in the PAC. The concert choir also performed at this concert. Here is a quote from freshman choir member Hannah Burks, “We sang, The Star-Spangled Banner, Kickapoo Alma Mater, I’ll Say it Anyway, Two Native American Songs, and Tongo. Before the concert, I was a little nervous because I felt like as a choir we weren’t really prepared. After I felt good about the performance and everyone sang loud and good.”

   There was another concert on October 11th. This concert featured Chorus II, Concert Choir, Nakamoa (Men’s Choir), Bel Canto (Female Choir), and the Chamber Choir. This was their first concert back from COVID, so it was the first time singing with the whole choir and with a full audience. 

   The weekend of November 6th was districts for the honor choir. There were 35 Kickapoo students there, 14 in the top 25 and seven all-state qualifiers. This took place at Central High school. 

   Kickapoo Choir had its main holiday concert on Monday, December 13th, and the freshman choir concert was on Monday, December 6th. This concert included the Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Acapella, and Chorus II. The choirs sang holiday songs and wore fun holiday clothing. They did still have to wear their gold robes, but underneath the robe, several members wore holiday sweaters and socks. On that same day, the Chamber Choir also went to surrounding middle schools and elementary schools to sing their holiday songs. 

   On January 26th, six Kickapoo choir students attended the Choir All-State conference. These students were Olivia Morris, Makenna Rowe, Trinity Talmage, Madi Phillips, David Owsley, and Cj Wears. All-state took place from January 26-29th at the Tan-Tar-A resort in Lake of the Ozarks. Over the course of the conference, the students had about 15 hours of rehearsal. They sang seven songs. Apart from the many hours of rehearsing, the students had a lot of fun hanging out and meeting new people at the resort. The Kickapoo students described all-state as an amazing experience.

   On February 22nd there was the Requiem concert. This is the masterworks concert that they do with the orchestra. They prepared for this concert for a long time.  

   The final choir concert of the year took place on May 9th and included performances from all choirs. It was the last event for the seniors and there was a senior recognition portion at the end.