The Golden Arrow Band Has Shot Off

See how the band prepares for competitions


The Band preparing for their competition

The Golden Arrow Band of Kickapoo has been doing competitions all school year. So far they have gone to Ozark where they got first in both preliminary and finals, and Bentonville, AR, where they got first in preliminary and second in finals. 

   For Senior Houston Deer marching band is fun but stressful. 

“The competitions are not stressful themselves, they are fun but practicing can be stressful because you know you have so much to do and you have to get the routine right,” Deer said. 

       The competitions are not super jam-packed with things for the band to do. 

     “When we get there we wait a little bit, maybe eat lunch, watch other bands perform, go change, go practice, then they go and practice, perform, go back to the parking spot see if they did good, then if they made it past preliminary, then they go do finals if they made it,” Deer said. 

    The way the marching band stays on beat is by counting. 

   “We count, we count our steps, and we are counting the beats,” Deer said. 

   The Golden Arrow goes to Branson for competition this week and then they are off to their next competition is Indianapolis, IN.