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Cheerful Holiday Giving

The holiday season brings great joy and being willing to do something small for someone can make their entire season.
Student adds to the box of toys wanting to help other kids enjoy a joyful holiday season.

The holiday season can bring great joy for many kids worldwide, but for some, they may not be as fortunate.

   That is why the functional skills classroom has decided to take the initiative to help those in need by donating toys. 

   “The kids are learning about giving back to the community this month in November and December. They got to choose what they wanted to do and they chose a toy drive,” functional skills teacher Mrs. Scarlet Cormack said.

   While a lot of people are excited for the season of “getting,” these students are ready and willing to exhibit the spirit of the holidays and make a difference. They were ready to donate before even knowing that there was a need.

   “We called CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). They support and promote court-appointed advocates for abused and neglected children. Helping those children get everything they need and Ronald McDonald House to make sure they were even in need before we did and they both said yes,” Cormack said.

   Despite this being the first time the functional skills students have done a toy drive, they are still able to bring about change.

   With three boxes already filled, Cormack feels as though they have made a big impact.

   “We have a goal because we’re splitting them between CASA and Ronald McDonald House. We need more than just a couple of boxes because we want to make sure that each place gets some,” Cormack said.

   Not everyone will donate but those that do can have a positive impact. Dropping off toys in the toy drive box can make someone’s holiday season just a little bit brighter.

   There is a pretty large age range to shop for from infants to 21 years old and the functional skills students can’t do it all on their own.

   For those who can donate and help with the toy drive it is encouraged to do so. 

   Not only does donating toys to those in need make their holiday better. It also helps spread the joy of the season who might not usually get to experience that.

   The toy drive isn’t the only way to get involved this season but it is one in which you know you are helping someone positively experience the joy of December.

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