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Asian Culture Club Recap

Asian Culture Club does many activities throughout the year but many of those go under the radar.
Photo by Brooklyn Collins
The poster hung upon 202-A’s door that students and staff can view on their way into the room.

 There’s a lot of clubs here that are recognized more than others. This club is just as amazing as the others but is in the dark. It’s known as the Asian Culture Club. This is a club for anyone who wants to learn about Asian culture, traditions, and much more. 

   “The Asian Culture Club is a club where people can come together whether they are Asian or not and we celebrate Asian culture,” junior Trey Boyce said. 

   The club is not only to learn about Asian culture, but to bring together people with similar interests and form friendships from it. The club has been going on all of this school year and even before that. Prior to COVID, they had the club and were even able to participate in more activities and volunteerism. 

   “Due to COVID, it’s been very weird trying to reconstruct the club,” Boyce said. 

   After the pandemic though, the members have been lucky to be able to bring together the club as best as they can. Some of the main things they have been able to do is have celebrations and participate in volunteerism. 

   “In the spring, we’re going to be volunteering at the kite festival that’s held at the Japanese Stroll Garden area,” Boyce said. 

   Boyce went on to explain that during this festival, they not only get to help the kids with games and activities, they also get to participate in those activities. They get to eat food, hang out with friends, and watch live performances as well. 

   The club also has a strong balance between celebration and volunteerism. Just recently they celebrated the Lunar New Year, this year being the year of the dragon. The Lunar New Year is based on the lunar calendar, and every year, the animal based on the year changes. 

   The other half of Asian Culture Club besides volunteerism and celebration is learning about the culture and language. 

   “We’re currently planning for  and looking at India’s festival of color,” Boyce said. 

   The festival marks the last full-moon day of the lunar month. The festival also celebrates the upcoming spring. Overall, the Asian Culture Club is going through four different pathways: friendship, volunteerism, celebration, and learning opportunities.

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