Goodbye Fortnite

Fortnite has been through major changes throughout the years. Was it for better or for worse?


Fortnite is a free player versus player battle royale game. You can do many things within the game such as; buy cool skins for your character with in-game currency, collect materials and weapons to help defend yourself from other players, and even drive your friends around in cars or “quad crashers.”

   These are all unique ways to make the game entertaining except for the fact that the game has been ruined.

   Fortnite was released on July 21, of 2017. As this is the case for most new games, Fortnite was off to a slow start for the first couple months of its release. After word had spread about the free to play battle royale game, people were excited and ready to play. 

   This game was an absolute hit. With millions of players playing this game daily Fortnite made around 2.4 billion dollars in revenue in 2018. 

   I think it’s safe to say many  made countless memories “Droppin with da boys” and enjoying all the game had to offer.

   That is why it is so hard to see where the game is at today. From shotguns only doing 24 damage to the head, to “sweats” building a skyscraper when you shoot one bullet at them. The game is in the worst state it’s ever been in. 

   I even quit playing the game all together for a little more than a year. While it is still plenty of fun running around and taking out squads with your friends, no one likes to run into the player that will absolutely dominate your whole squad all by themselves.

   There are many reasons for why the game has gotten itself into such a bad state. We all remember the times way back when you were losing a gun fight and you hit a miracle “one pump” to save your life. Those were the days. For some reason they made shotguns do half the amount of damage they did before which in turn has made the gun terrible all together. 

   What probably  hurt the game the most in retrospect was introducing “creative mode” to the game. Creative mode is essentially a mode allowing players to make whatever they want within the game’s code. The main reason for this addition was to give players an area where they could perfect their accuracy or building skills. This led to players sitting in creative mode for hours and hours obtaining god-like skills until they felt they were ready to go play for real. Then they would take those newly acquired skills and dominate 100 player lobbies dropping “30 bombs” as a solo player. This completely ruins the gaming experience for casual players such as myself that don’t practice for  hours a day.

   Fortnite definitely still has the potential to be a great game again, but there will have to be some major changes in order for that to happen.