Rush to the End


   At first, there were two days for final exams. But now, these integral tests are only one day. 

   All students previous to this year had two days for their semester finals. The first and third ninety minutes were for studying and review before the actual testing. This allowed for less stress going into the exam. 

   In a more current scenario, most students leave for the holidays. With the shifted single day exam schedule, now students who leave to travel could miss their finals. 

   With the finals being ten percent of the overall class score, students who leave and miss their finals could lose their grades in turn. 

   Not only that, but having a one day schedule causes all the exams to be back to back, which could result in unnecessary anxiety and stress levels rising among students. 

   This rise in anxiety could result in consequential scenarios in the future. 

   Examples are drop in grades, to even an increase in mental illness.

   With the steady incline of such issues in the current generation, another cause of mental situations could prove catastrophic for the student body. Having tests without break for the entirety of the school day could rapidly end up with burnout, which never leads to anything good mental health wise. 

To bring back up the possible grade drop, if these tests are flunked or resulting in low grades, the overall class grade will drop. This can quickly end up with hardworking students sacrificing their time to retake the class when it was their final that went wrong due to burnout or just stress from the back to back testing.

Anyone would find this an easily a brewing disaster waiting to happen.

   To resolve the matter in question, the first action is to renew the two day final exam plan. It was efficient, and it allowed for students to review and have extra preparation before the test. 

   Thanks to the additional study time, students have precaution to feel more secure in their knowledge of the overall class. 

   With the year the students and staff have had thanks to the pandemic, the last thing we need is a stressful schedule for final exams right before the end of the semester.