Rating Different Types of Sports Balls




Tennis Ball-

Durability: Pretty durable it can handle a lot of hits from a racket.

Bounciness: Bouncy on almost every surface doesn’t take a lot of effort to bounce very light.



Bounciness- By far the bounciest  ball

Durability: Not that good, It is very durable inside but not outside, Inside on a court it was totally fine but when it was brought outside it got ruined and scratched.



Bounciness: Not very bouncy you can drop and it will bounce once then just kinda rolled.

Durability: Very durable it can withstand games, drops scrapes on concrete, etc.



Bounciness: Depends on how hard you hit it determines the bounce.

Durability: Decent, could handle it but wasnt the best ball as it obtained scratches and scuffs.