Out with the old!

We should’ve left these costumes in 2016!


Photo by Wikimedia

When kids come out in their costumes, the parents light their pumpkins.

    As Halloween approaches kids are scrambling to find a costume. But, Some costumes are used more than they should be. I’m here to tell you what’s in this Halloween.


Purge Mask

   The movie came out in 2014, kids started wearing these masks way too much.  


 Vampires and Zombies

   These are basic costumes. They are easy to find and to make. Be more adventurous with costume making and get a better costume.


This kid is trying is best. (Photo by Wikimedia )


Although this costume could be very good, kids often get an “IT” clown costume. It would be better and more scary if you get a different costume that we don’t see all the time, and they’re just scary. 

I’m scared of this clown. (Photo by Wikimedia )


Being a witch can be very easy to do, but the green face paint could be hard to get off. If you wanna go as a witch be the Sanderson sisters.

A kids dresses up like a witch, like always. (Photo by Wikimedia)

 Ghost face
   Even though this is one of my favorite horror movie, this costume is seen way too much. There is six “Scream” movies not including the TV that came out.  So just all around this costume is so overused.