The Gift That Keeps on Giving

The winter holidays are a time of laughter, joy, and spending quality time with the ones you love. Why not make it even better by watching the best Christmas movie, “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”?


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National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is the best holiday movie and nothing will change my mind. 

   Christmas Vacation is 33 years old and stars Chevy Chase (Clark Griswold), Beverly D’Angelo (Ellen Griswold), and Randy Quaid (Cousin Eddie). It debuted in 1989 and was ranked second place right behind Back to the Future Part II at the Box-Office.

   National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is about Clark Griswold, his wife Ellen, and two children Audrey and Russell live in a suburban part of Chicago, Illinois. As the holiday season approaches, Clark is determined to have a picture-perfect family Christmas. 

   With some expected and unexpected family members coming into town, Clark finds himself in a sticky situation trying to play host and peacemaker among the relatives. Throughout the time the family spends together, chaotic incidents snowball and hilarity ensues.

   From Clark forgetting the saw when looking for the perfect Christmas tree deep in the woods, a squirrel reeking havoc throughout the house, and Clark having a temper-tantrum because his boss gave him a jelly of the month subscription instead of a bonus, Christmas Vacation is filled with jolly filled belly laughs. 

   I remember being little and watching Christmas Vacation with my family laughing at all of the foolish antics the Griswolds endure throughout the movie.

   My favorite scene is when Cousin Eddie is outside in the snow, illegally dumping the sewage from his RV into the storm drain, dressed in a skimpy white robe, black dress shoes, and a trapper hat, with a cigar dangling from his lips and a beer in one hand. In the scene, he says one of the most memorable lines throughout the movie, “Merry Christmas! S***ter was full!”

   Christmas Vacation is quotable, hysterical, and accurately depicts how chaotic the holiday season can be. It is not like a Hallmark movie where everything is cookie cutter perfect and everyone is happy. It’s an all-American Christmas classic that expresses what family can truly be like.

   National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is one of those movies where once you see it, you won’t forget. It’s always had a special place in my heart and will forever be my go-to Christmas movie.