Issues in the Parking Lot

When the dismissal bell chimes at 3:10, the chaos in the parking lot begins.


A diagram of the parking lot, colors correspond with lane traits.

   Leaving the school parking lot is a daily struggle and the after-school traffic doesn’t seem to budge.

   The traffic jams are entirely caused by drivers who are unaware of their surroundings. Given this, a carefully devised solution will improve the flow of traffic.

   The most backed-up traffic is in the lanes connecting to Primrose. This is the result of parents parking at crosswalks in the exit lane, forcing drivers to drive in the left lane to get through. Don’t be that person. Parents, when you come to Kickapoo to pick up your student, use the actual drop-off line so students can leave.

   In the back forty, the problem is caused by line cutters. The way to fix this issue is to create three lines, and alternate lines when taking turns to leave. If you are a parent, don’t go through the back forty, leave through the north entrance or Jefferson.

   If everyone who reads this does their part to help, the parking lot issues could vanish. The problem isn’t the number of cars, it’s the way the cars work together.