Enough is Enough

Gun violence is starting it get out of hands. People are fearing guns more than ever.


Photo by Emma Franklin

Students are taking a knee for the high schools affected by guns.

 We have been in 2023 for 108 days now and in that small amount of time, there have been 163 mass shootings, 16 of which were school related. This means that there have been more shootings than days this year. 

   It’s starting to seem that guns are altering people’s lives in a worse way these days. I understand when some say that it really is the person behind the gun who takes lives, but things wouldn’t be this fatal if guns were out of the picture. It’s much easier to outrun a knife than a gun. 

   It’s not just mass shootings, school shootings are happening more frequently. There are people who think it’s okay to pretend there is a shooting threat and call the police to scare the school for their own entertainment. 

   I used to think those loud pops in the night were fireworks, now I’m wondering if it was a gun and someone got shot and started fearing for my life. 

   What I want is for gun laws to be firmer and safer. Now anyone over 19 in Missouri can have a weapon without a permit and no training. An important rule we should have is making sure that people who shouldn’t have guns can’t get them and are not able to use them to perform acts of violence

   An important step is addressing the issues that can lead to gun violence such as poverty, mental health, and social isolation.

   Protests are happening ,and even our school had a walk out on Thursday, April 20th, and our parents are wishing for a safer future for their children. Meanwhile those children are wishing to not have to go to school, the mall, or the park in fear. We need to keep working harder to find ways to reduce violence and keep adults and children safe. Ways like not allowing people to carry guns without a permit or any training. We need to not allow people with unstable mental health issues, for example depression, to purchase guns. 

   We need to start providing support for individuals like better access to medicine or psychologists that are at risk and to start promoting safety without interfering with people’s rights.