The Greatest Gatorade

Ranking the classic Gatorade flavors.


All four Gatorade flavors lined up.

Everyone has had gatorade at some point in their childhood. However, which flavor reigns supreme over all the other ones? It’s about to be summer time which means I need to find out which one of these classic electrolyte filled drinks is the best to enjoy on a hot summer day. 

Fruit Punch- #1

  I don’t think anyone will be shocked to see this at number one. This is by far the most refreshing and tasty Gatorade flavor there is and nothing will change my mind. Fruit Punch really has a kick of that tangy goodness that everyone wants in a Gatorade. This flavor is definitely strong, but that is what makes it so craveable. Not to mention, that bright red flavor is enough to make anyone start salivating. I will definitely have a cooler full of this while I’m relaxing poolside this summer. 

Cool Blue- #2

   I’m not going to lie, this was tough to put second because the Cool Blue was surprisingly good.  However, it does taste a little more artificial so I had to put it here. The electric blue color is very intriguing and the flavor definitely doesn’t disappoint. The flavors are balanced very well and makes you feel revitalized. I will definitely be drinking this more often.

Lemon-Lime: #3

   Lemon-Lime is the original Gatorade flavor, but I can’t help but put it towards the bottom. I feel like the two flavors wash each other out instead of complementing one another. Not only is the flavor not great, but the color is extremely unappealing. That light yellowish color makes me want to throw it away before even opening it. If it was a hot summer day, this would be one of the last flavors I would grab. 

Orange- #4

Absolutely not. This is the worst flavor of Gatorade to ever exist. The color of it is deceiving because the vivid orange looks like it would be flavor packed and cooling. However, I was duped. The flavor of this is extremely artificial and tastes like medicine I took when I was five. If I had a choice between this Gatorade or nothing to drink at all, I would choose nothing in a heartbeat.