Viral Tiktok Food Trends


Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

1. Fruit roll up and ice cream
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This food combo has been popular for a bit and is still trending so I had to give it a try. You put any type of ice cream on the fruit roll up and then you wrap it around the ice cream which makes the fruit roll up harden. If you have braces like me I do not recommend, it is very sticky. It was fruity and the crunch just made it even better but probably would not eat again due to the stickiness.

2. Fried Cheese and pickle


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I’m a big cheese fan and have been seeing this combo all over my fyp (for you page) so I was excited for this one. All it has is a fried slice of cheese wrapped around a pickle. I thought it was good but super greasy and the pickle kind of overpowered in flavor, I wasn’t impressed.

3. Pasta Chips
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Air fried pasta with seasoning of your choice. I was not expecting to like this but it surprised me. It is basically taking cooked pasta and then making it hard again. For a quick and easy snack this is a perfect salty appetizer. All you need is pasta, olive oil and an air fryer/oven. I wouldn’t eat them plain though, I recommend dipping them in some kind of sauce or a dip and seasoning them before frying.

4. Baked Feta Pasta
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This pasta has been on my fyp (for you page) a lot and I’m finally caving in and giving it a try. Feta pasta has cherry tomatoes, a block of feta cheese, and then your choice of pasta loaded in olive oil. I love pasta but I wasn’t impressed with this. It was super oily, but that could’ve been an error on my part, same with not having much flavor.