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Rating Taylor Swift Albums

Taking a deep dive into Taylor Swift’s albums and rating them like never before.
Photo by Wikimedia Commons
Taylor Swift singing during one of her concerts with a projection of her face in the back.

Everyone has heard of the pop star Taylor Swift, whether they enjoy listening to her music or not. Her fan base mostly consists of teenage girls all around the world. As someone who is not a fan of Taylor, I have been talked into listening to some of her popular albums.

#1- Red

  This album won Album of the Year at the 2014 Grammy Awards, so it’s no surprise I liked this one the best. My favorite song on this album would have to be “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” This album also consists of other catchy songs that I found myself actually enjoying. 

#2- Fearless

   I am a little surprised this album is considered country because there was nothing country about it. It had a couple of good songs but most of them I would consider overplayed. “You Belong With Me” is probably the only song on this album that I could listen to again. 

#3- 1989

   I actually enjoyed some of the songs. Most of them have an energetic vibe to them. My favorite song on 1989 would definitely have to be “Shake It Off”, I mean it’s a classic, how could I not?

#4- Lover

   I have heard a lot of these songs on social media platforms and I am tired of hearing them. However, It’s overall a good list of songs and I see why this is a popular album of hers. “Cruel Summer” would have to be my favorite on the Lover album. 

#5- Speak Now

   This is definitely an album to listen to if you are going through a break up, I guess she does have a reputation of writing about her exes. The only song I might listen to again would be “Mean”.

#6- Folklore

   It’s a slower album than the rest but I liked how it’s different from the rest. It showcases the growth of Taylor as an artist. “August” would have to be my favorite song on this album. 

#7- Taylor Swift Debut

   Lots of people will probably disagree with how low of a rating this album got, but I just did not really love any of the songs. I mean yes, “Our Song” is a popular hit but again, it’s so overplayed that I’m just tired of it. 

#8- Midnights

   Midnights is one of Taylor’s newer albums which is why it’s taking eighth place. I do not like any of Taylor’s newer songs as much as I do her older ones. “Anti-Hero” is one of my favorites on this album.

#9- Evermore

   I might get a lot of hate on this one, but I did not know a single song on this album. This is another one of her slower list of songs. The only song that held my attention was “Willow”, one of my favorites on Evermore. 

#10- Reputation

   This album is supposed to be Taylor’s transformation, and you could say she made it very clear in the hit song “Look What You Made Me Do”. Anytime this song come’s on, I skip it right away. I can’t stand to listen to this song. Even the Swifties should be able to agree with me on this.

   For someone who does not have any Taylor Swift songs on their playlist, I’ll admit I may have added some of these songs. 

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