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Dating in High School: Then VS. Now

Is it just me, or is romance pretty much dead these days?
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Relationships have came a long way from the golden days.

   Dating has changed a ton over the years. Back in the day, people would meet through friends or while out and about, and they’d chat on the phone or write letters. Now, it’s all about swiping on apps, texting, and maybe even FaceTime calls before meeting up. Social media can play a big role in how people connect and share their lives with each other. It’s much more digital now, but the butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling? That’s still the same. 



   Dating back then was more traditional! People often met through family, school, or community events. Courtship was a big deal with formal steps, such as asking someone out in person and going on proper dates. Things like love letters and long phone calls were common, and relationships often developed slower. It was less digital, more face-to-face, and people usually dated someone nearby. It’s interesting to think about how things have changed, right? 

   Back in the day, there were some fun dating rituals. For example, guys would often ask girls out in person, sometimes with a bouquet of flowers or a small gift. Going to the movies or out for a nice dinner was a popular date idea. It was common for couples to go steady, which meant they were exclusively dating each other. There were definitely some dating rules and etiquette in the past. For example, it was expected for guys to ask girls out and pay for the date. There were guidelines on how to dress appropriately and behave respectfully.

   It was also common for couples to have chaperones on dates to ensure propriety. There were certain expectations about physical affection, like not kissing until a few dates in. It may seem a bit different from today’s dating scene, but it’s interesting to learn about the customs of the past, and how it’s evolved. 



   Dating today has changed a lot, mainly because of technology and cultural shifts. Social media and dating apps have made it easier to meet people from all over, not just nearby. Now, there’s more freedom and less formal rules in dating. 

   People are also focusing on careers and personal growth before settling down. It’s a whole new world, but it also means there are tons of opportunities to meet someone great in ways that weren’t possible before. Now, some guys might act nonchalant because they’re trying to play it cool, or they’re not sure how to show their feelings. They could also be using this as a front to cover behind the fact it’s a way to protect themselves from getting hurt. 

How They’ve Changed: 

– “Situationships” have been normalized. 

– Most, if not all communication is through Snapchat and not calling or talking about important things in person. All Snapchat messages delete immediately making cheating much easier. 

– Breaking up over text is happening left and right. 

– “Nudes” are commonly expected.

– Cheating has become very normalized and okay in certain circles/trends.

– Everything is on social media so it’s much easier for people to break up other relationships and involve themselves. 

– Relationships are no longer commonly centered around dating to marry, religion, or values. 

– Talking stages often fail because everyone is so used to looking for the best thing, and it’s common for people to not be able to commit or love one person.

   There was a risk in dating, both back then and now, both physically and psychologically. Technological advancements, difficulty meeting people, and changing social norms are a few of the causes. Even the most resilient people become vulnerable and uncertain when they date. Everyone’s different, and it can be confusing. It’s always okay to talk to them about their behavior and how it makes you feel. Both communication and interpretation are key.

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