Spring Break Destinations

zach arnold

  Most people try and find a beautiful tropical place to go over their spring break, although some places would be a blast and won’t exactly be tropical. Whether you’d like to go to the beach, on a cruise, to the mountains, or even to a different country you are destined to have an amazing time.

  If you are wanting to go the tropic way going to Destin Florida would be an amazing destination for you, with loads of things to do including going parasailing, swimming, chilling on the beach, eating or even just taking a nap. Being close to lots of nice restaurants and a lot of shops to go spend a few bucks!

File:Destin, Florida (8202933191).jpg

  Another beautiful but a little bit less warm place to go to would be Denver Colorado land of the rocky mountains. Some really enjoyable things to do in Colorado whether it be with your family or friends is going skiing/snowboarding, hiking, and white water river rafting. Colorado brings on a different type of cold although there may be snow on the ground that doesn’t guarantee that the sun isn’t out making a pretty snowy day.



 Another very exciting and thrilling vacation to go on would be on a cruise. On a cruise you get to eat all the food you would like to eat, sleep when you want to sleep, swim when you want to swim and chill out on the pool deck whenever you would like. There are also shows to go watch, and they can be quite entertaining. You would get the chance to see different places like mexico, the Bahamas, Jamaica etc.

File:Seabourn Quest (ship), Sète, Hérault 01.jpg



  Now it’s up to you to choose your beautiful destination.