Bringing A New Kind of Golf to You

Lake Springfield, a place for leisure activities, has built a new Disc Golf course.


Photo by Cole Dobbs

Local playing on the new disc golf course.

 Lake Springfield has been known for its lakes, playgrounds, and hiking trails. But with the new Disc Golf course, Lake Springfield is bringing something new to the plate. This Disc Golf course is 18 holes long which is a full size regular golf course.

This is what the description signs look like on the course. These signs include the distance and what the course terrain might look like. (Photo by Cole Dobbs )

The terrain on the disc golf course has many hills and trees around it making some of the holes challenging. This new addition to the Lake Springfield community provides a way for many new people to get out and have fun.

This is what the hole looks like for disc golf at Lake Springfield. (Photo by Cole Dobbs)


So if you love trying new sports, or just simply getting out of the house, go to Lake Springfield to test out their new Disc Golf course.