Flipping Into 2023


Photo by Brett Smith

Brett Smith getting in stance to show that he is about to start his routine.

    “About 90% of the turns I take end in falls. To get up every time and never quit is hard, but in the end that’s how I am,” senior Brett Smith said.   

   Men’s gymnastics does not have nearly as wide of an appeal as basketball or football but, for Smith that doesn’t matter. Smith’s favorite aspect of being a gymnast is the small gymnastics family he is a part of.

   “The people involved are like family to me. Being a part of a team and a gymnastics family is my favorite part,” Smith said.

   Smith has been a gymnast for thirteen years. He started when he was five years old with the inspiration of his older sister who also participated in the sport. Since then, his coaches have inspired him to continue practicing.

   “The main reason why I started was because of my older sister, but the person who inspires me the most are all of my coaches. They have taught me everything I know and have made me into a better man,” Smith said.

   Being an athlete takes a lot of strength. Not just physically, but mentally too. For Smith, being a gymnast has taught him important lessons in life.

   “Gymnastics has taught me how having self discipline, hard work, and never giving up will lead to success. I have learned not to fear failure but to embrace it,” Smith said.

   All athletes experience success but they also go through failures. Without failing you will never learn from your mistakes.

   “My most successful moment in gymnastics would be my first competition as a level ten gymnast, but I’ve also experienced failure. I have learned to use every fall as a learning point about how I can improve,” Smith said.

   Through all the ups and downs of being a gymnast, Smith has overcome every obstacle, and has met his goals.

   “A couple of years ago I could barely do basic skills, but I never thought I would compete at level ten, so I made it my goal,” Smith said.

   Smith is now a level ten gymnast which is the most difficult and advanced level of gymnastics, meaning he accomplished his biggest goal and is ready to accomplish more. 

   “Right now I am thinking about going on and doing gymnastics in college,” Smith said. 

   Right now Smith is just looking forward to the future and getting better at the sport he loves.