NFL Draft Predictions


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The 2023  NFL Draft is going to be hosted from Thursday April 27 to Saturday April 29. There are many prospects, 17 players attending the draft, 32 teams and seven rounds. This year Mr. Irrelevant will be pick number 259 and is going to be picked by the Houston Texans. Mr. Irrelevant who is the last pick in the draft. In my opinion these will be my projected top five picks. Based on my knowledge and experience of watching football I am going to state my top five  predictions. The top five picks are Carolina Panthers, Houston Texans, Arizona Cardinals, Indianapolis Colts, and the Seattle Seahawks. With the first pick in the draft I have the Carolina Panthers selecting quarterback Bryce Young from Alabama. I think he’s going to get the starting job and learn the play books and I think he will have a decent rookie year, considering he has good receivers to throw to. The Second pick in the draft I have is the Houston Texans selecting Will Levis quarterback from Kentucky. I also think he will receive the starting job. The third pick in the draft I have Will Anderson Jr Edge rusher from Alabama. I think the Cardinals are lacking rushing on the edge and I think he can be a good pickup for them. He will also be learning under veterans and pick up some good techniques. With The fourth pick in the draft the Indianapolis Colts will select C.J Stroud quarterback from Ohio State. I think he is going fourth pick because I feel like since he is  younger he will go later in the draft. He also has fast young talent to throw too, I think he will earn the starting job at about the third game. He will be under quarterback Nick Foles and if Foles teaches him up I think C.J has a really good chance at a good rookie year.