NFL Draft Breakdown


Not many people know what the NFL draft is or how it works, Well The NFL Draft always takes three days normally Thursday through Saturday each spring. The draft order is picked by looking at all of the team records, and the team with the worst record has the first pick in the draft. So the first pick is the worst team and the Super Bowl champions have the last pick in the draft. There are seven rounds and 259 picks in the draft. The last person selected in the draft is called Mr. Irrelevant. Teams can trade up in the draft in the draft they can trade picks for that draft or in future drafts. During the season teams also trade players or draft picks, not only when the draft is going on. The Draft is usually pronounced by the Commissioner, Roger Goodell, but sometimes the team can pick a special guest to announce their pick. The Draft can make a young player’s year and sometimes not every player can get in the draft so they go as an undrafted free agent and can be picked up by a team in the offseason or days after. The Draft is a good way for teams to build franchises with new rookies and train them under the veterans. Each team gets five minutes to decide picks, the team’s general manager will usually call the player and tell them they are going to be drafted. To enter the draft players must have been out of high school for at least three years and must have used up their college eligibility before the start of the next college football season. Some NFL players can even be drafted and the young age of 19 years old.