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Double Trouble

Every year, hundreds of athletes compete for a select few spots at the tennis state tournament. This year, doubles team Windsor Brotherton and Leah Martin have qualified to play at state.
Photo by Windsor Brotherton
Doubles team Windsor Brotherton and Leah Martin stand side by side after a match.

   This year, the girls tennis doubles team of Windsor Brotherton and Leah Martin qualified for state at the district tournament on Friday, September 29 at Gillenwater Tennis Complex. 

   “I think we played really well that day. We decided to play as a doubles team instead of going individually. For districts, you can either do singles or doubles, but you can’t do both,” Brotherton said. 

   Qualifying for state is a particularly intense experience. Once a team or individual loses a match, they’re out of the running to move on to the next round. 

   “You have to get first or second place at individual districts whether you’re a single or a double. In our individual districts, there were seven teams,” Brotherton said. 

   The girls’ district tennis tournament works in a bracket style. Only the top two individuals and doubles pairs qualify for state. In girls tennis, there are three classes. Our school is in class three, district five. In class three, each district has seven teams. 

   “We played three different matches at districts. Our third match was to determine who would win districts,” Brotherton said. 

   Martin and Brotherton lost their final match against Nixa, placing second in the district. 

 Teamwork is critical for doubles teams, and it’s important that partners know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  

“I think we work together well. We have good communication when we play. I think our skills just match up together. She’s really good at backhand, and I have a pretty solid forehand so our strengths match up with each other,” Brotherton said. 

   As partners, it’s important to understand each other’s energy and pick each other up as well. 

“I tend to get very stressed out when we’re playing. Windsor tends to have more fun with it but I tend to be very competitive. We work together really really well,” Martin said.

   Martin was quick to mention the importance of staying positive and communicating with her partner during a match. 

   “After every single point we talk, check in, and just regroup. I think we proved that we work well under pressure at districts,” Martin said. 

   The duo also added how Coach Wilbur supports them during matches. 

   “On changeovers, he always comes and talks to us and makes sure to prepare us really well before a match,” Martin said. 

   Changeovers occur after every odd-numbered game. There are around 90 seconds and let players mentally and physically recover before the next game. 

   The individual state tennis tournament takes place over three separate days at Cooper Tennis Complex in Springfield.

Brotherton and Martin tap tennis rackets after a point in a match. (Photo by Windsor Brotherton )

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