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Rise and Grind

Have you ever wondered how this school’s athletes are always on top of their game? It all starts at the crack of dawn for most.
Photo by Kessa Adee
The early bird gets the worm! Most athletes must wake up early in order to ensure a productive day.

   Some of the school’s leading athletes are able to succeed by starting their day off right. Here’s a look at the morning routines of different athletes. 

   Waking up bright and early is typical for athletes like sophomore wrestler Jahan Hunyh. 

   “I’ll wake up at five in the morning. I’ll do 30 minutes of yoga to stretch out and then go to the gym for an hour. I usually do massive amounts of cardio to start my day off,” Hunyh said. 

  Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day. Because of this, junior basket shooter Ray Hall makes sure to eat a quality meal before she starts her day. 

   “I eat a protein bar and an apple every morning to fuel my body,” Hall said. 

   Sophomore wrestler Kaitlyn Finley agrees with this by stating her own healthy breakfast options. 

   “I normally will eat eggs and maybe a protein shake,” Finley said.

   Routines can also include something unique and special to each person, depending on their background.

   “If I have a match that night, I’ll usually take time out of my morning to pray. I do a lot of prayer for myself and people on my team,” Hunyh said. 

   Hall has her own good luck charm she uses during morning practices. 

   “I write my anniversary date on the tape I put on my fingers before I wrap them up,” Hall said.  

   For most athletes, the mornings commonly consist of warming up and working out.

   “Twice a week for an hour I’ll go to Bader, which is a workout place for athletes. Sometimes I’ll also go to CrossFit with my dad,” freshman cheerleader Harper Helfrecht said. 

   Of course early morning practices are another thing most sports players have in common. 

   “I go to basketball practice at 6 a.m. We do drills, then we review our plays, and we usually scrimmage in some way. The whole practice lasts for about an hour and 40 minutes,” Hall said. 

   The school’s athletes work hard to stay in shape and be the best they can be. This starts in the morning with positive affirmations, a healthy diet, and a strong routine.

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