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Aaron Hardy, Reporter

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The letterman jacket hanging up in the main office. Students, staff, and visitors are reminded of the pride we put into our school athletics.

Wearing School Pride

Are school letterman jackets popular anymore or are they a relic of sports history?
Aaron Hardy, Reporter February 29, 2024

   It’s a popular trope in TV shows and classic movies to see the high school jocks sporting their school pride through letterman jackets, yet over the years it’s slowly dwindled.     School...

Schools pressing such high attendance might be beneficial, but the mental strain on students is not worth it.

Getting a Percentage Back

Students have expressed a constant struggle with attendance but it seems like faculty isn't listening. If attendance is such a must, then we need chances to do it well.
Aaron Hardy, Reporter February 29, 2024

   You’ve been excited about the school dance for the past week. However, when you walk up to the table to get your ticket, they deny you and say your attendance is too low. It doesn’t feel like...

Students are still confused as to why the ban has been put in place. Some claim that the ban is a result of the cafeteria’s lack of funding, but faculty says it’s simply a rumor.  “No, that has nothing to do with it,” Dr. Powers said.

Let Them Eat Dash

Food is no longer allowed to be delivered to the school by vendors as of November 29. Does the commotion this causes outweigh the pro of possible safety? Find out from your classmates.
Aaron Hardy, Reporter December 15, 2023

      There’s been a lot of talk surrounding the recent food order ban from our faculty. However, what does the school body have to say about it when they’re the ones being affected?    First,...

With Influenza season right around the corner, some students are left with no choice but to go to school and potentially increase the risk of illness within the student body.

Stress Free Sick Days

Students deserve some relaxation while recovering from an illness, so why is the attendance schedule pressuring us?
Aaron Hardy, Reporter October 18, 2023

     With our coldest months upon us and holiday family gatherings, diseases are just waiting to spread, so why should school put so much pressure on us when we’re already ill?    I have a...