The Fight for Cruelty Free

Not only is animal testing unethial, but it’s also proven to be ineffective.


Guinea pigs are very commonly tested on.

In the summer of 2021, a short film named “Save Ralph,” about a rabbit who had lived his life as a test subject touched the hearts of millions of people, including my own. This video brought to light how serious the issue of animal testing is. Puppies, kittens, and rabbits, are usually pets kids dream of owning, but sadly these little critters, as well as so many more, are still being tested on, mainly for skin care and medicine According to the Humane Society, the animals being experimented on are in extreme pain the entire time. They’re usually stuck in cold steel cages, with nothing to bring them comfort. This usually causes lots of anxiety for animals in these experiments, from testing skincare to shots and other drugs. Some of the animals will become scared or panicked when people approach their cage, since their only interactions with people have left them in extreme pain. An article published in 2018 by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), exposes even more of this travesty. More than 90% of basic scientific discoveries, most of which were successfully tested on animals, failed in humans. Where as around 95% of drugs that are affective in animal testing, are ineffective or even dangerous for humans. This means people are wasting the lives of innocent creatures for something that could kill people! Some would argue that there isn’t any other option; however PETA says, “Reliable, economical non-animal methods are readily available for a wide variety of testing applications, including antibody production, skin irritation and sensitization, eye irritation, endocrine disruption, and tobacco product development and testing.” “Experiments on animals are so pointless that they should just be stopped,” PETA said. Why are we wasting the lives of defenseless animals, if it doesn’t even work? If everyone comes together to buy as many cruelty free products as they could, that would already show companies that won’t stand for animals getting hurt. To find cruelty free brands you can find them online by searching “list of cruelty free products,” or looking on the container for a rabbit; this is the most common way to find out fast. Not all cruelty free brands have a bunny on the bottle, but most do. You could also sign petitions, which are posted almost daily on websites such as, and adopt animals that were tested on since many are euthanized when a study is over, even if they’re still healthy. If you want more sources to find ways to stop animal testing you can find it on the PETA and the Humane Society websites. I know that together we can grow and make the world a better place for everyone, human or not.