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Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner

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Graduation and prom are two of the most expensive senior activities.

A Costly Experience

Senior year is glorified as the pinnacle of high school, but everyone’s too quick to throw money at it.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner May 14, 2024

   Many people look forward to their senior year of high school. As the final year of over a decade of work, it’s natural to celebrate the end of that era. However, the amount people are expected...

Brain Rot is often made fun of online, but its a big issue with younger generations.

From Baby to Brain Rot

Brain Rot isn’t just a meme online, it’s a real-life phenomenon that’s been evolving with us since we were children.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner April 29, 2024

   Between the Sephora kids and Skibidi Toilets one thing every high schooler is familiar with: Brain Rot.    Brain Rot has a few different definitions, it’s a slang term that some describe...

When class is let out, the parking lot is a horror show.

Please Learn to Drive

The parking lot at our school is a nightmare when we’re released. For everyone’s safety, please take your time while driving.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner February 27, 2024

   Imagine this: it’s Friday. You’re ready to leave school and get ready for your work shift. You race to your car in the winter chill, stuff your backpack in the trunk, hop into the driver seat,...

Giving a gift is kind no matter what, but other cultures have different traditions when giving a gift.

Gifting Around the Globe!

Learning the etiquette of gift giving for other cultures.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner December 19, 2023

   While giving a gift is a thoughtful act of kindness, it might be perceived as rude on some level if you don’t pay attention to cultural gifting etiquette.     This is why you should take...

Confuse your pals by throwing vintage slang into your conversations.

Old Slang for the Gang

Take a trip back in time with your friends when you share some of these older terms!
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner October 17, 2023

    With slang changing every few weeks, it’s hard to keep up. That’s why it’s time for a blast from the past to bring back some of the best vintage slang to adopt into your vocabulary!    Wisenheimer-...

Promposals are a common and popular trend

Bop or Flop: Prom Trends

Prom is a magical time in every young person’s life. Some of the looks are above and beyond, but other trends don’t hit the mark.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner May 16, 2023

   Camo Dresses- Although it’s perfect for the deer hunter in you, camo print may not be great for a formal event. If it makes you happy, then that’s what’s most important. But maybe think about...

Stop the Prop was one new initiative this year.

A Look At The New Rules

  With all the changes happening around our school, it can be hard to keep up. Here are some of the new rules that have been implemented this school year.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner May 16, 2023

   No Propping Doors- Stop the Prop was a new district-wide initiative introduced at the start of this year It was created to help lower the risk of a school shooting in our district, with the idea...

The original color associated with St. Patricks day was blue.

The St. Patrick’s Story

How the most famous Irish holiday came to be.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner March 3, 2023

   According to the United States Census Bureau, 31.5 million residents claim to be of Irish descent, but how many of them know how the most famous Irish holiday came to be?    For those who don’t...

The Resect for Marriage act helps recognize legal same sex marriages across state lines.

Love is Banned?

Gay marriage in Missouri has been banned since 2021, but the Respect for Marriage act gives LGBTQ+ people hope.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner December 14, 2022

Gay Marriage has been a controversial topic for decades. In fact, Missouri put a ban on same-sex marriage in March of 2021 because of what Missouri Statute 451.22 says. This Statute states that “any...

Take a pail and go trick or treating!

Ditch the Parties!

This Halloween, ditch the parties and try some of these activities instead!
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner October 14, 2022

      Make Halloween treats    One great way to celebrate the holiday where kids get sweet treats is to decorate some for yourself. Bake some cookies and snatch the icing, or if you’re ready...

The City Championships will take place at Andy Bs

Bowling Recap

The Varsity and Junior Varsity bowling teams have had an impressive year.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner May 20, 2022

  Our team won the City Championship. This means that Kickapoo beat surrounding schools like Ozark, Willard, and Nixa.    Madi Phillips is a junior on the varsity team.    “A proud moment...

Burrell Behavioral Health is one facility in Springfield where you can get quality help for mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month is in May, here are some helpful reminders and coping mechanisms for when you need help.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner May 20, 2022

   Remember that your brain is an organ, and just like any other organ, when it’s sick you need to go to the right doctor to get treatment for it.     There are a lot of mental health stigmas,...

The word hummus comes from an Arabic word, and is made of chickpeas.

Arab Heritage History Month

25 countries speak Arabic as an official, or co-official language.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner April 29, 2022

   Arab American Heritage Month is the month of April. An Arab American is a U.S. citizen, or permanent resident, who immigrated from, or who traces their ancestry to Arabic-speaking parts of the Middle...

Spotify is one of themes commonly used music platforms.

Best Music for Working

For me, I need music to focus while I work, which is why I think I know the best music to listen to while you work.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner April 29, 2022

   For me, listening to music while I work is an absolute must, which is why I think I found the best music to listen to while working.    The music needs to have a steady beat, a nice tune, and...

Primas Mexican Grill has three locations in Missouri, two in Springfield, one in Ozark.

Four Amazing Local Restaurants

Wanting to eat out? Check out these locally owned restaurants, which all have vegan or vegetarian options!
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner March 4, 2022

Primas Mexican Grill and Kitchen- Whether you have no spice tolerance, or a massive one, you can surely find something you’ll like at Primas Mexican Grill and Kitchen. I have been craving their Primas...

Guinea pigs are very commonly tested on.

The Fight for Cruelty Free

Not only is animal testing unethial, but it’s also proven to be ineffective.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner February 8, 2022

In the summer of 2021, a short film named “Save Ralph,” about a rabbit who had lived his life as a test subject touched the hearts of millions of people, including my own. This video brought to light...

LGBTQ+ students often feel isolated from their peers.

A Gay Agenda

The fight for LGBTQ+ Sex Education in schools.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner January 8, 2022

According to Child Trends, another organization who are focused on improving the lives if children and youths, only 15 states and the District of Colombia have a majority of schools that teach LGBTQ+ sex...

The main reason that some countries are

An Olympic Dilemma

The United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada are all boycotting the 2022 Winter Olympics.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner December 17, 2021

   With the delay of the Summer 2020 Olympics in Japan, most people would be looking forward to the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics; which are set for February 4 through February 20.     This being...

The most commonly known Blair Witch movie poster features one of the film students, crying with a knitted cap on, this is a recreation of that photo.

Not Your Average Horror

The Blair Witch Project is an interesting take on the idea of film students making a documentary, turned horror.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner October 21, 2021

For most people, including myself, being trapped in the woods and not knowing how to get out is one of the most terrifying situations that can be imagined. Heather, Joshua, and Michale, the protagonists...

Masking is no ones favorite thing, but its important for everyones safety during a pandemic.

Against the Masks

Attorney General Eric Schmitt sues the mayor of Kansas City after a new mask mandate.
Kat Owsley, Social Commissioner October 21, 2021

Attorney General Eric Schmitt has decided to fight the COVID-19 mask mandate in Kansas City, Missouri. Lawyer and former Assistant Attorney General Of Missouri, Elad Gross, has a very different opinion...