Bowling Recap

The Varsity and Junior Varsity bowling teams have had an impressive year.


The City Championships will take place at Andy B’s

  Our team won the City Championship. This means that Kickapoo beat surrounding schools like Ozark, Willard, and Nixa.

   Madi Phillips is a junior on the varsity team.

   “A proud moment was having the double in the tenth frame to beat Ozark to win the city championship and doing it! The team has worked hard all year and I was glad that I could show up in that moment to help us win!” Phillips said.

   “A tip I would give someone who’s just starting out is to be patient and learn as much as you can about the sport as a whole! I watch so much bowling in my free time and talk to people who know more about the sport than I do,” Phillips said. 

   Phillips said her favorite moment was winning the city championship since this was the second year they had won in a row.

   CJ Wears was a senior on the JV team this year. His favorite moment was being one of two people on the JV team, but still beating the team they were playing against.

   “A proud moment from this year was getting new high scores and bowling in an organized setting,” Wears said.

   “One hint for bowling novices is to just have fun and bowl often to get more experience.” Wears said.