Theoretical Teacher Fights



Nunez V Stennett

Ms. Stennett and Mrs. Nunez are two of our Spanish teachers here at Kickapoo. They have an amazing friendship, and they love teaching. What if their friendship didn’t exist, and if they were trying to compete to be the best, who would win? 

   It’s a normal school day for Mrs. Stennett, playing ponga (bingo) with her Spanish one students. Stennett hears a student exclaim “Ponga!”, but it wasn’t from her classroom, it was from across the hall. Mrs. Nunez, another Spanish teacher, was playing the same game as Stennett . Stennett was furious, and walked over to her classroom. Nunez could see the anger in Stennett’s eyes as she swung the door open. In defense, Nunez ran towards Stennett to try and counter her attack. They ended up wrestling to the ground, throwing punches and yelling at each other. In exhaustion, they both rolled over on their backs and raised their white flags in surrender. 


 Schaumburg V Garrison

   Knowing how to finance and manage your money is very important. That’s why we have two conjoined classrooms teaching Personal Finance. What if  Mr. Garrison and Mrs. Schaumburg wanted to compete to be the best finance teacher. What else would they get into an argument about?

   Mr. Garrison and Mrs. Schaumburg were eating lunch together, and talking about their classes. He went on and started to rave about his amazing budgeting plan. Mrs. Schaumburg scoffed and insisted her plan was a better way of managing money. Garrison laughed in her face and started to walk away from the table. Schaumburg stood up in rage, moved her chair out from under her and walked towards him. With his back turned, completely unaware of her walking towards him, Mrs Shaumburgs grabbed his shoulder and hits him straight on the chin, knocking him out cold. 


Thomas V Hall

   Coach Thomas and Coach Hall are important when it comes to athletics  here at Kickapoo. They tecoachach different sports, Thomas coaches football while Hall coaches baseball. There’s always an argument of what sport is better. The only way to settle it? Hand to hand combat. 

   Coach Hall was relaxing during his conference block when he got an email including video evidence of Coach Thomas doing donuts on the baseball field. Coach Hall tends and cares for the baseball field quite a lot. Coach Hall was furious, and walked straight down to the weight room to confront Coach Thomas. Coach Hall walked in and towered over Coach Thomas, but Thomas stood his ground. The accusations caused Thomas to shove him out of his face, which led to Hall swinging. Thomas tried to swing back, but Hall was too tall for him, which ultimately led to his defeat. 


 What teachers did you have winning? If there are any other battles between teachers you would like to see let us know. If you disagree I will enjoy hearing the reasoning.