Ranking Reindeer

Each of the reindeer ranked and their personality. And yes, Rudolph is most definitely the worst.

Photo courtesy of wilsoninfo.

Photo courtesy of wilsoninfo.


Prancer is the social butterfly. He could easily make friends with a brick wall. He loves meeting new people and spending time with his friends, he’s the party planner of the group for sure. Prancer throws the best parties in the North Pole and is eager to invite everyone. If you’re trying to make a memory, you should definitely go hang out with Prancer.


Comet is the chill one in the group. He’s pretty easy to get along with and can honestly vibe with anyone and none of the reindeer really have a problem with him. Comet is a huge encouragement to the rest of the reindeer and is always cheering them on through the year leading up to Christmas Eve. Comet also has the best taste in music out of all the reindeer.


Donner is the middle child. While often forgotten about, Donner is super sweet and is the most helpful of the group. Whenever the stables need cleaned or Santa needs extra help with the delivery, Donner is the first to step up. If any of you are into to enneagram, Donner would most definitely be a type two. He is also a little protective over the rest of the reindeer.


Blitzen is the thrill seeker of the group. He is always down for an adventure, anything to get his adrenaline pumping. Blitzen will often encourage the rest of the reindeer to try new things and is always trying to find something fun for the group to do together. Him and Prancer are sort of the leaders when it comes to the friend group even if Rudolph takes the first position when Christmas Eve comes around.


Dancer is super shy but also super talented. He is creative and is definitely the best singer in the group. His voice is incredible but he never sings in front of anyone. Dancer is super chill and is easy to get along with, he’s the type of guy to go and sit in a coffee shop for hours on end and draw or read.


Vixen is the dumb blonde. She is like the little sister of the group, when Christmas Eve comes all the other reindeer have to ban together to keep her focused and on track. She often forgets what she is doing and is almost always clueless as to what is going on around her. Despite her inherent dumb blonde syndrome, the other reindeer all love Vixen and protect her like a little sister. Although they are not shy to let Santa know when her forgetfulness sets them back.


Dasher is the overly competitive friend. He takes everything way too seriously. Since he can’t be the best leader (thanks to Rudolph), he has to be the best at everything else. This mindset leaves him in constant competition with the other reindeer and they don’t like to hang out with him too much, when it comes to game night though, Dasher is definitely the best person to have on your team.


Cupid is the gossip of the group. He has to be in everybody’s business all the time and is always trying to play matchmaker. While he is overbearing at times, Cupid gives the best relationship advice by far and is super helpful when the any of the others are having girl troubles. Another thing about Cupid is that he is a social media influencer, if your looking for some North Pole posts to fill your feed, look no further than Cupid’s account.


Rudolph is the annoying little brother of the group. He’s obviously Santa’s favorite because of his red nose. Santa’s affection went straight to his head and now his ego is bigger than the North Pole. He’s definitely the most annoying member of the group.