Bouncing on Top

Let’s take a dunk into the girls basketball season. Checking out Sophomore, Junior Varsity, and Varsity


 The girls’ basketball season is slowly coming to an end. But there is no reason to be upset, so far the girls’ basketball team has been very successful. 

   Girls’ basketball makes up three teams, JV, Sophomore , and Varsity. JV (Junior Varsity) these are the students below the varsity level. Varsity is the highest level team of basketball players. 

   Freshman Natalie Coons is an athlete on JV and Sophomore. 

   “Basketball season has been great, I’m really proud of how we’ve done so far,” Coons said. 

   The Sophomores have had a good season and some close calls. When they played against Republic, they won by a buzzer-beater which is when the clock strikes the end of a quarter or game and they make the basket as the buzzer plays. 

   Junior Varsity has been undefeated this year.

   “I’m very proud of us and how determined we had determined to win,” Coons said. 

   Going undefeated is no easy task. Because of all of the different teams and players they’ve gone up against they still managed to beat them all. 

“I’m grateful for what I’ve accomplished this season and I’m excited for next year,” Coons said.

   Now, Freshman Varsity Player Josie Salazar is very proud about making Varsity as a Freshman. She was nervous at first but over time she and the girls got really close. 

   “We’re like family, you know. We would do anything for each other on and off the court,” Salazar said.

   Varsity only has a couple of district games left to compete in before the end of the season.

   “To be honest, I’m really sad, especially because I’ve gotten really close to the seniors and the fact that I’ll never play with them again is really just unbelievable and sad, She said

   Each team has worked very hard this year to beat their goals and they look forward to doing it all again next season.