Holiday Lights


Gardens Aglow at the Japense Stroll Gardens, photo curtosey of Michael Burgess

Gabby Burgess, Business and Marketing Manager

One of the many joys brought by the holiday season is the incredible Holiday light shows throughout the country. Luckily for us, there are plenty to visit nearby. With this year changing our holiday season in many different ways, this is one activity we can enjoy without putting our, and others, health at risk.

Finley River Park is located just outside of Springfield. This is a drive-through attraction that provides a fun experience for all ages, with opportunities to deliver letters to Santa, and a list of other holiday light shows for families to visit in the area.

Another plus is that the whole city of Ozark is currently having a Christmas light contest in replacement for their Holiday parade, so while this show may be a little out of the way there and plenty more light show displays you’ll get to see as a result of your journey.

Located in Battlefield near McBride Elementary, this light show is put on by one of our own Kickapoo Cheifs. Jaxon Baker has been doing this light show for about 6 years and it never fails to draw a crowd. Synced to music on 97.1 FM this light show never fails to amaze the community.


Located on Farm Road 146 this beloved farm visited by Springieldians for ages, gets into the holiday spirit with this drive-thru light show. Candy Cane Lane goes throughout the front sector of the park covering the field with lights. With a $5 entrance fee, and hot cocoa available for purchase, this light shoe provides the perfect opportunity to get into the holiday spirit in a safe and healthy way.

This light shows had been a fan favorite of Springfield for many years. This light show put on by the Bagwell family is located in Brentwood neighborhood is another one synced to classic holiday tunes. When visiting this attraction tune into 105.5 FM and watch the lights dance in coordination with the music. Although their is almost always a line to this attractionn the wait is completley worth it.


Last but not least on our list is Gardens Aglow. Located in the Japanese stroll gardens at Nathaniel Greene Parks, this light show is a walk through experience. This one is harder to enjoy socially distanced than the others, btu masks are requried. This event features the stroll gardens being compltley decked out form head to toe in holiday lights. This even will completley emrese you in lights, with hundreds of diffrent paths to take and holiday music filling the air, it is impossible to not feel the holiday spirit at this attraction. Admisson fees are $5 for Adults (13 and up), $2 for children (12-2), and infants are free (ages 2-0). This attraction provides fun for all ages with the endless lights and food vendors at the entrance.